Thursday, December 2, 2010

SO this is my house currently on TS3 Ambitions. It's in Twinbrook & it is a house that came with the game & the description was about it being a cosmopolitan loft. My sim is an inventor & the house has a really big deck underneath it that has room for sculpting & inventing. I don't have pictures of that part though. Anyway I took out the batroom & downsized the kitchen. I created an outhouse. I'll probably update things about this sim if I continue to play her, so I'll probably take pictures of the outhouse then. I included a picture of her detonating something bc it was awesome :) & I play on a Mac..all of my custom hair stopped working for some she just has basegame hair. 


  1. hway,
    Thanks for the feedback on cc, Idk if my comment posted or not, i wanted to send u a gift but you dont have a list, i like this idea....i to love to make houses. i am currently building a castle and it is very time is what i hway,
    Finally someone actually responded! ok, well I did go through the path that takes you to where you put the mod folder in and all, the downloaded the file as posted earlier in this forum, and it was pretty ez.
    But then every time I went to open my game through the launcher(which did show up) after I clicked my start button it closed itself! :shock: I ended up having to do a uninstall/ reinstall all of my games. I actuallly did this B4 getting ur msg. I like your instructions and they do vary a bit from what i actually did or if I find a .simpackage i like I dont have to have the mod folder installed? what are sime good sites? anybody feel free to help :lol

  2. btw my name on sims is atreyough