Monday, December 13, 2010

I've decided to start a project. I'm going to decorate all the houses in the swampy foggy region of Twinbrook. So far I've done two houses. & I'll decorate the swampy houses that are in the empty house bin too. But for now I'm going to decorate the ones that are already in the game on lots. This house is Marsh Mansion? I think thats what it is called. The really big one that has a family in it. I deleted the family. Anyway, here you go: (oh & it might be hard to tell, but its just one big open floor plan on the ground floor. and then upstairs its just basically the bed hanging. its not covered entirely upstairs. just enough room to have the bed hanging, and walking to it and the wardrobe & back down. its to create an open atmosphere as if you were floating in space. like a bird or something.

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